The Mac Tower Is the Most 'Sound' Mac Ever

And the best concept of its kind we've seen to date

Some Mac fanatics may know Sait Alanyali for his incredible Mac mini concept. Probably the same relentless fans were the ones who prompted the talented designer to come up with a new, more ambitious concept – the Mac Tower.

“This is my second mac design,” Sait Alanyali wrote on his web site. “After the first 'The New Mac Mini' a lot of people wanted a computer between an iMac and a Mac Pro with more media options. So, this is it!” We've embedded the Apple-inspired promo video just below the piece, but just in case you want the full breakdown, Alanyali is “invoking” the following hardware specs for the Mac Tower.

- Quad-Core Processors;

- More slots for upgrading (2xPCI Express, 4xRAM, 3xSATA);

- Built-in iPod Dock+Remote;

- Built-in Stereo Speakers;

- Power supply+Battery (During power failure, if Time Machine is used, it backs-up from the last one, then system hibernates, if Time Machine is not used, it directly hibernates, no works lost!);

- The enclosure pops up with a locking mechanism, which gives access to the components and the rear I/O, the rear cables are tidied up by the enclosure automatically;

- All the internal components are vertically placed, one silent 12mm fan is used, better airflow.

The designer asked viewers to note that this was a conceptual design, meaning that the device itself did not in fact exist. “The design is fictional and do not support to suggest or inter any current or emerging product design efforts by Apple Computer Inc.,” he added.

Alanyali used Cinema 4D R10.5 for modeling and rendering tasks, while the entire video was made in Apple's Keynote application (part of the iWork suite). The soundtrack is “Fix You” by the Brits at Coldplay. Enjoy the video (credits: Vimeo) and, when you're done, drop us a comment with your impressions.

Mac Tower from Sait Alanyali on Vimeo


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