The Latest: G-Spot Enlargement Procedure

A controversial operation

The Grafenberg-spot (commonly known as G-spot) is still a vivid subject of debate amongst specialists in what concerns its existence, but there are already doctors that execute procedures for its enlargement!

A doctor in Vacaville, California, is already "unable to keep up with the demand".

When it comes to improving their sex lives, women would do anything just to receive a shot of collagen, aimed to make them reach orgasms faster. "It's a form of human collagen we inject into the vaginal tissues where the G-spot is," explained the doctor, one of the few doctors in the US performing the novel procedure called G-Shot.

The procedure costs $1,850, lasts just for four months and has never passed through clinical trials. It is simple, nonsurgical, painless, physician-administered augmenting temporarily the G-spot in sexually active women with a "healthy" sex life willing to have an even better one.

One patient said she can reach orgasm "way more quickly, and multiple, not just one or two, but four or five, which made it a lot better". And "It didn't hurt at all. Once you've had it this good, you don't want to go back." "Better sex, better sex life with my partner. The main thing is it gives me a boost of self esteem," said another patient.

The doctor employs local anesthesia before injecting the FDA approved collagen. The injection is made in less than eight seconds and the visit to the doctor lasts less than 30 minutes.

But psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Bryna Barsky-Ex of Kaiser Permanente Santa Teresa disagrees on this G-Shot "enlargement". "I think getting addicted to the $1,800 every four months just to be able to function sexually is problematic. There are a lot of ways to get pleasure. Women really don't need a shot to be able to do it," said Barsky-Ex.

There is also the lack of researches about the possible long-term side effects of the procedure. There are about 68 possible short-term side effects linked to this procedure: bleeding, allergic reactions, cyst formation, urinary tract infections, open sores, scarring, lumpiness and nodule formation.

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