The Latest Apple TV Beta Unlocks Bluetooth Keyboard Support

No pairing Macs or mice just yet, but we can dream

Developers playing around with the latest Apple TV beta software have discovered that Apple now allows Bluetooth keyboards to be paired with the set-top box for easier navigation and text input.

The latest Apple TV beta software includes a new Bluetooth menu and the ability to pair wireless keyboards, according to 9to5mac. Both the second generation and the third generation of Apple TVs support the feature.

What isn’t supported, developers say, is pairing Bluetooth speakers, mice and Macs. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be possible to connect these to an Apple TV in the future.

Since Apple is showing interest in Bluetooth pairing on Apple TV, there’s no apparent reason why it wouldn’t be expanded in the future.

As a result of this discovery, it is being speculated that Apple might soon release a more complex remote for the puck-sized box.

There is some belief that Apple might attempt to enter the gaming scene with a full-fledged controller and App Store access for the Apple TV. The infrastructure is there, and the technology has long been available.

In other words, Apple could turn its hobby into a full-fledged gaming console before Nintendo even realizes what’s happening.

With Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft each offering a comprehensive web store for digital downloads, Apple only has to fill just a single gap to stay on par with competition. And that gap is gaming.

So far, Apple’s iDevices have done a great job at selling games. However, there are countless visually-stunning combat and racing games in the iOS App Store that deserve a place on the big screen.

Valve is already pushing hard with a similar initiative. If Apple’s plans to revolutionize TV include gaming, expect a very exciting 2013.

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