“The Last Stand” Gets Red Band Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Has a Day Off

Arnie will be back on the big screen, with a bang, in March this year

Arnold Schwarzenegger is making his acting comeback and, by the looks of this brand new trailer for “The Last Stand,” he’s sparing no punches to get the job done.

Check out the new red band preview above but *please be advised that it contains images of violence and several instances of language that might offend.

“The Last Stand” doesn’t come out in theaters until March this year, but buzz around it is so great that it’s not hard to imagine how hyped the actor’s fans might be.

And they have every reason to be so: in the film, Arnie plays a retired police officer who takes up a job as Sheriff in a small border town thinking that it would be the easiest thing ever.

He’s right – up to the day when a mobster decides to break out of jail and make a run for the border, with only the Sheriff and his men to stop him.

The lesson I guess he’s about to learn: never mess with Arnold on his day off.

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