The Largest Sculpture in History Will Take £212/$337/€261 Million to Be Built

Christo's project – “Mastaba” – will be Abu Dhabi's landmark

Christo, the famous artist best known for wrapping the Reichstag in fabric in 1995, plans a completely spectacular construction, the biggest ever known in history.

“Mastaba” is a pyramid-rivaling construction and will be erected in the desert, 10 miles south of Abu Dhabi. Its estimated costs rise up to £212M ($132.42M/€261.65M).

The sculpture will be made of more than 400,000 colored oil tubes and it will be 492ft (149.96m), just a little bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza (481ft – 146.5m) and three times higher than the Nelson's Column.

Christo says “Mastaba's” structure was inspired by the Islamic architecture, Daily Mail reports.

“When Louis XIV was building that kitschy castle Versailles, the greatest architecture in the Middle East had incredible simplicity… and play with colors,” he said.

30 months and hundreds of people will be needed for the construction to be completed.

Abu Dhabi felt it was time to have a symbol of its own, just like every big city does. Only not any symbol, but the greatest of them all.

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