The Jolie-Pitt Twins Have Down Syndrome, Says Star

Almost a year after the story that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins, Knox and Vivienne, may have Down Syndrome first made its way into the tabloid media, Star is again bringing it up with the latest print issue, which comes with the screaming caption on the cover “Down Syndrome Drama.”

As the first photo attached will also confirm, the cover leaves absolutely no doubt as to what the article inside should contain, stating that confirmation comes from Jolie’s nanny that, indeed, the youngest members of the Jolie-Pitt clan have the condition.

“Brangie nanny tells al: truth about the twins,” reads another caption, right beneath a photo of Jolie and inserts of the twins.

Inside the magazine, though, is an entirely different story, as a scan of it (courtesy of Jezebel) proves: there’s no nanny account that the twins have the condition and, for that matter, Star has no reliable source to confirm this.

In fact, the entire piece is speculation on the twins’ appearance and quotes coming from so-called “insiders” that don’t even say what their connection to the family is.

Star says – as per the “sources” – that the twins’ problems began even before they were born, with Jolie having a rather difficult pregnancy that even required her to go to complete bedrest for about 2 months.

It then argues that Viv and Knox were sickly children, repeatedly developing colds and infections. It also notes that, unlike the other four Jolie-Pitt children, the twins are rarely seen out in public.

“But unfortunately the signs that something could be wrong continue to fuel a wave of questions and concerns,” Star writes.

“The tots ‘are taking longer to grasp things than Shiloh did,’ an insider confirms, and they are much less playful than their outgoing, rough-and-tumble siblings,” the magazine goes on to say.

It also claims Angelina “freaked out” when one of her people suggested they “looked into the possibility that the twins have a disorder,” and says that, on a recent trip to Missouri at Brad’s parents, people started wondering “if there was something wrong with the twins. It just seemed like something was off.”

The aforementioned Jezebel analyzed Star’s article cited above, noting there isn’t even a hint of a trace of evidence to the claims. The conclusion: “All in all, disgusting business. Christ.”


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