The Jester Explains How He Directed a DDOS Attack from His Blog to Occupy Site

The hacker describes this tactic as offensive counter-measures

The online battle between Anonymous and the controversial hacker known as The Jester (th3j35t3r) continues. The Jester claims to have redirected a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack launched against his blog towards the official website of the Occupy movement.

The attack came in response to The Jester’s accusations regarding the link between Anonymous and terrorist organizations, namely the Palestinian Hamas.

The hacker explains that CloudFlare – whose services he’s using – blocks others from seeing his website’s IP address. This forced the attackers to launch the attack against his domain name –

In order to protect his blog, he simply redirected his domain to point to Anonymous hackers reportedly stopped the attack after 44 minutes, when they saw that their packets were targeting the wrong site.

“This is an interesting concept. Like using a mirror to bounce a laser beam right back at the enemy, forcing them to quit the shenanigans, double-time,” The Jester explained.

“I might well look into this as a possibility for an effective offensive cyber counter-measure, and automate it so the server detects an attack and looks at where it is coming from or it’s characteristics and then auto-redirects the domain a known list of [perps] […],” he added.

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