The Invisible Man – Chinese Artist Mingles with the Background

Liu Bolin uses his body as a canvas to disappear into the background

Getting into a game of hide and seek with camouflage master Liu Bolin, also known as The Invisible Man, could be very wicked, as the man knows best how to disappear into the background.

The Chinese artist uses his own body as a canvas, painting himself so that his body perfectly matches the scenery behind him. Thus, he creates scenes that are actually symbols of our relationship with our physical surroundings.

His most popular works are from his “Hiding in the City” series – photographic artworks that began as performance art in 2005.

Through his work, Bolin tries to make a statement about the relationship between culture and its development and to speak for those who seem to be invisible for the Chinese government.

“From the beginning, this series has a protesting, reflective and uncompromising spirit,” Bolin explains. “I think that in art, an artist’s attitude is the most important element. If an artwork is to touch someone, it must be the result of not only technique, but also the artist’s thinking and struggles in life.”

In some of his photos, you can easily identify where he is standing, but in others it is harder to spot the outline of his body, as he perfectly mingles with the environment around him.

In the photo gallery below you can see some of the latest works from the artist, which are on display at his first UK solo exhibition at London’s Scream Gallery until May 10.


Hiding in the City Photo Series (8 Images)

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