The Internet Explorer Versus Google Chrome War Continues

Market researchers provide different statistics on the two browsers

A few days ago, new statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications indicated that Internet Explorer remained the number one browser in August, with version 10 posting a significant growth that could turn it into the number one app of its kind on the market.

This time, figures revealed by StatCounter claim otherwise, putting Chrome on the leading spot and showing Internet Explorer is actually trailing behind.

But let’s take all these stats separately and see who’s telling the truth.

Net Applications claims that Internet Explorer is still holding the biggest share, with a score of no less than 57.60 percent. While such figures are truly impressive, the same researcher explains that Google Chrome isn’t actually the second top browser on the market, but only the third, with a share of 16 percent.

Firefox is the runner-up with 18.88 percent.

Version-wise, Internet Explorer 8 is leading the field with 21.65 percent, followed by the newly launched Internet Explorer 10 with 18.65 percent. Google Chrome 28 is the only non-Microsoft browser that reached the podium with 9.97 percent.

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StatCounter, on the other hand, tells a completely different story. Its statistics indicate that Google Chrome is currently the leading browser out there with a market share of 42.78 percent, while Internet Explorer is indeed second with 25.55 percent.

Firefox is only third with 19.25 percent.

As far as versions are concerned, Google Chrome 28 is the clear leader with 28.03 percent, while Internet Explorer 10 comes next with 11.34 percent. IE8 is also on the podium thanks to its share of 8.27 percent.

Microsoft doesn’t comment too much on such statistics, but it does use figures provided by Net Applications every time it praises Internet Explorer for the “impressive” growth it experiences.

Word on the web is that both Google and Microsoft are behind these figures, and even though such a thing could make sense at some point, it’s still hard to believe any of them. In the end, users should actually choose the browser they like the most and forget about such browser stats.

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