The Indian Man with Two Fully Functioning Penises Wants to Have One Removed order to get married and lead a normal lifestyle and sex life with his wife

The Times of India News informs about an Indian business man aged 24 who was born with 2 sex organs which fully function. However, even if most men would like to be "blessed" with this biological abnormal feature for a while, the Indian wants to have one of the two penises surgically removed. He stated that after the surgery he will finally have the chance to get married and have a normal sex life, like all his male fellows.

The Indian man is named Sanjay and declared that he had to live with the shameful condition since birth. He had to conceal it from the others, but stressful times are over for him, as he is going to undergo surgery and keep only one of the two sex organs.

The rare condition Sanjay suffers from is medically known as penile duplication or diphallus. It is an extremely rare condition because only 100 cases of this disorder have been reported since 1609. Therefore, the diphallus condition occurs in one in 5, 5 million men.

Diphallus condition can be defined as a congenital anomaly in which one's penis is partially or completely doubled. It is caused by fetal mesodermal bands in the embryo which fail to fuse properly. Diphallus disorder is usually accompanied by other congenital abnormalities, such as anorectal, renal, vertebral duplication.

"It is an extremely rare condition. More so because two fully functional penes is unheard of in even medical literature. In the more common form of diphallus, one organ is rudimentary," explained a doctor from the hospital where the surgical intervention for removing on of the Indian's penises took place.

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