The Hottest Religions in Hollywood - Kabbalah and Scientology

In what do stars confide their immortal self?

Man is only mortal, after all. No matter how many riches he/she may accumulate over the years, no matter the state of happiness, no matter the life-long accomplishments, it all has to end at one point or another. Of course, most of us prefer that 'point' to be as farther possible in time.

We are not going to enter into a digression over the joys of living a full life or about its shortness, nor the irrevocableness of death. What we are going to talk about is what celebrities do when they realize than money and fame can't buy them a one-way ticket to the world of immortality.

Well, most of them recently turned their attention towards religion or spiritual guidance, as they like to call it. Nevertheless, they all acknowledge the fact that money can't buy peace of mind or inner relief and, consequently believe that, if money can't buy happiness, it surely can facilitate it. That's why millions of dollars go each year into the pockets of conspicuously obscure gurus, into the building of personal backyard churches and temples and fashionable religion-related pieces of jewelry.

So, the question inevitably arises: do they really believe in a superior being and in its power to save their souls? Madonna certainly seems to do so. She one of the most ardent believers in what can be safely denominated as today's 'hottest religion' in Hollywood - Kabbalah.

Why is Kabbalah suddenly so attractive for artists of various domains, you may wonder. The answer is pretty simple: because it promotes physical welfare and wellness, because the 'divine system of wisdom' is primarily based on the principle that the 'creator wants you to have everything you want', that is, money, good relationships, love and happiness. What more could one man ask from his petty existence on earth?

Among other student devotees are also Victoria Beckham, Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, Michael Jackson, Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore and (until last week) Britney Spears. All of them were spotted wearing the red string bracelet around their wrists, to guard off 'the evil eye'.

We are not challenging the stars' true belief or the choice made when thy signed up to attend Kabbalah instructive classes, we're just trying to say that, in a world where everything is rigorously measured and priced, the same principle goes for religious items.

Their public statements, according to which they are finally at peace with the world and with themselves, because of the new 'fashioned' or 'customized' religion, have stirred a shopping frenzy among fans. They are willing to pay up to thousands of dollars for items that, in regular stores, cost no more than a few bucks, just to get a fair chance of being as rich, powerful, beautiful and famous as their idols.

Artists also get their religious inspiration from Tom Cruise's Scientology. Apparently, its ideology is such a big secret that not many people have access to it but the only certain piece of information is related to its history and how it became a religion. Scientology is pretty controversial, as it's very hard to place it in line with, let's say Orthodoxy, given that it was founded in the '50s by a science fiction writer.

Scientologists believe in aliens and UFOs and more than a few voices say that it's actually nothing but a big sham invented to brainwash the believers and to take control over their money and estates. Cruise seems to believe it's true, all right, and he enjoys playing the priest in his own personal Scientological church. And, we say, if such a poor ideology can help you become one of the world's most influential men, why not give it a shot? It might just finally work out.

Others who tread on Tom's footsteps are also famous names like Katie Holmes (she's the mother of his child so, no wonder), Donald Trump, John Travolta and Vin Diesel. Unlike Kabbalah followers, Scietologists have no distinctive jewelry to set them apart from the rest of the world. It's their money that makes all the difference.

In conclusion, we can say that for stars, nothing is sacred any longer. Without challenging their involvement or the nature of their feelings towards the church they have all chosen (they really do believe in whatever keeps them on the fast track), the world is silent witness to the degradation of values that have withstood centuries. The religious icon becomes now a fashion item and you can always buy happiness at a fairly peppered price. Just as Hollywood's most famous men and women do.


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