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i.Tech Virtual Keyboard

It looks like something you'd only see in a SF movie, but this little device is quite real, and could represent the future of one of the most important elements of any computer: the keyboard. Thus, i.Tech Virtual Keyboard is quite shocking because it has a very unique feature: it doesn't exist (namely, you cannot touch it), because it's a hologram.

i.Tech Virtual Keyboard is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can be connected to almost any computing system (laptops, PCs, PDAs, Pocket PCs or smartphones, the only requirement being that they must be Bluetooth-enabled), and which projects, via infrared, a holographic keyboard on any flat opaque surface. By means of a special detection technology, the device records the keys "pressed" by the user's fingers (more precisely, the presence of the fingers in the area onto which a certain key has been projected) and sends the data towards the unit it's connected to.

The holographic keyboard is also ultra-portable, because the projector is quite small (9 x 3.5 x 2.5cm ) and it also runs on batteries (although just for a maximum of 120 minutes of continuous typing). According to the people that have tested the device, it works quite well in strong light, although it's quite clear that it can show its true power in the dark, and i.Tech Virtual Keyboard also allows the user to change the intensity of the projected infrared rays. And in order to have as much of the feeling of a real keyboard as possible, the holographic keyboard is also fitter with some sound effects that mimic the sound of pressing real keys (something interesting probably just for the old-school fans that like this type of "music").

If you want to find out more about this futuristic device, please visit iwantoneofthose,com

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