“The Heat” Gets Brand New, Red-Band Trailer

These women are not playing around when it comes to fighting crime

Sandra Bullock is getting ready to make her comeback to the big screen and I can only imagine how thrilled her fans must be because of that. Her upcoming comedy, “The Heat,” just got a brand new, red-band trailer.

Because the video *contains graphic language that might offend, we can’t embed it here, but it is available in full over at IGN.

Bullock and Melissa McCarthy play two officers (one’s an FBI agent, the other a police officer) who are forced to work together as partners even if it’s the last thing they want.

In other words, the recipe is the same as in most buddy cop comedies, with the obvious exceptions that it’s with women and, well, that these two women happen to be two of the most appreciated comediennes around.

“The Heat” seems to stand out precisely because of its leads, and the amazing chemistry they share onscreen. Of course, you’re also to expect many dirty jokes and foul language.

It will be out on April 5, 2012.

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