The Game Stops Concert to Help Passed Out Fan – Video

Rapper acts promptly, cuts music short when he notices fallen fan

Say what you will about him, but The Game sure has a heart of gold, at least where his fans are concerned. He stopped a recent concert to come to the help of a fallen fan.

Video of the entire incident (with safe for work audio) is embedded below, at the end of this post.

The Game was performing at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA on March 18, when he noticed that a fan in front rows had passed out.

Without hesitating, he cut the music short and instructed his bodyguards to immediately check him out.

The guy comes to and asks for water, which is brought to him but, believe it or not, just as things seemed to quiet down, he passes out for the second time.

Check out the clip to see how The Game reacted to that too.

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