The GPS Homing Device, the Perfect Backtracking Tool

Not for boozers, though

How about a small and super-cool GPS device that will help you find a certain location or your seemingly lost car in the vastness of the parking lot? If we've been able to make your eyes pop out, then read on and see how simple some things can be with the help of the GPS Homing Device.

We're talking about a key chain-sized gadget, which will most likely mean a lot of fun and a lot of saved time. The GPS Homing Device is one of the simplest GPS products around, and it has been designed for one basic goal, namely to help you get back to a preset location. This "preset location" can be your car, a place you liked in your trip through a forest, and, of course, any spot you've been to and wanted to revisit.

Now, a cool thing about the GPS Homing Device is that it will not only save one single location, but also two additional intermediate waypoints to expand the functionality. Unlike most other GPS gadgets that boast complex functions and a lot of commands, settings and options, the Homing Device is as simple as it gets. You only have two buttons, which already tell everything about how easy to use this product is: one of them powers the GPS Homing Device on and off, while the other one will help you set the three destinations/waypoints.

Once you've set all the above, all you have to do is follow the direction indicated by the arrow of the self-calibrating digital compass. The GPS Homing Device will also tell you the distance in miles and yards, or kilometers and meters. On the reliability side, we should mention that the GPS Homing Device is weather resistant, and comes with a lanyard. At the same time, its 5 yard-accuracy makes it a handy and fairly precise tool.

The GPS Homing Device will run for up to 20 hours on two AAA batteries, and will not be a burden to your traveling pack, as it just weighs in at 170 grams. If you like the idea, you can get it for $79.95 in this gadget/design store. We suppose that the product is "not for boozers" because it's most unlikely that a person so drunk that he/she can't find the way home would be able to read the LCD in the dark.

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