The Flickr Site Gets a Revamp Along with the First Update to the iPhone App in a Year

Yahoo is starting to move in the right direction under new CEO Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is off to a good start at Yahoo. She's been talking about going mobile and focusing on the products for a few months now, but she's finally starting to have something to show for it.

Yahoo Mail just got a huge revamp as well as two new mobile apps and an updated Android app, all in one go. Now, it's Flickr's turn, the most neglected of Yahoo properties.

The iPhone app is getting its first update in over a year, a major update at that, and the website itself is getting some changes as well. At least, the site had seen some updates and new features in the past year or so.

"We’ve been hard at work making Flickr the best possible experience for photography lovers everywhere. Today we’re excited to share that we have a new, simplified navigation bar and a new Explore page," Flickr explains.

"Our new nav bar was designed to make browsing Flickr faster and easier so you can quickly get to the photos you love. While we removed many of the old blue links, we made sure that you’re still able to access most of your favorite features right from the nav bar. We think this makes for a simpler and cleaner experience," it adds.

There's also a redesigned explore page, a big improvement over the current one. The big change is the simplified view; currently, you only get a handful of photos and links to where you can find a few more. It's not very intuitive or very inviting.

The new page crams as many photos as it can fit, so it's a lot more likely you'll spot something you like and want to see in more detail.

Still, the big update remains the iPhone app which puts a bigger emphasis on actually viewing the photos and also, the biggest addition of all, gets a bunch of filters. Obviously, Flickr is very late to this party, even Twitter had filters before it, but it's a start.

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