The First Touch-Less Gesturing Technology Goes Mainstream

Based on ultrasounds, it responds to natural hand movements

Windows 8 is optimized for touch input, but what if you could enjoy all the easy commands and gestures without having to touch the screen at all?

Taking care to optimize the technology for the Windows 8 input system, Elliptic Labs has created the Windows 8 Gesture Suite.

Sound waves and microphones detect movement, much like a radar detects objects. Essentially, all gestures supported by touchscreens on Windows 8 can be reproduced without actually having to make physical contact with the display.

This completely removes the issue of smudges and isn't limited to what the dedicated camera can “see.”

Natural hand movements can be detected even outside its view, like around the device screen.

We should get to see laptops, monitors, tablets and/or TVs with Elliptic's technology soon.

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