The Fender 57 Champ Custom Amp - Tweed Is Back

The classic tone of the 50's available once more

If you know one or two things about guitars and rock'n'roll, then the Fender 57 Champ Custom amp should bring up memories and thrills. This legendary guitar amp is one of the iconic elements of the late 50's and has been one of the key elements to help rock'n'roll emerge into the world's most favorite music. From Johnny Cash to modern guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Eric Johnson, a lot of players have sought the mellow sound of the true vintage amps. And, once more, if you're willing to fork out one grand for the 57 Champ, you can enjoy the old-fashioned sound right at your fingertips.

This “new old” Tweed amplifier has been hand-wired just like the real thing. Collectors and enthusiasts alike can rest assured that this piece of music history has nothing to do with the mass-produced, factory-made amps you meet everywhere these days. The good-old-fashioned way to build a serious amplifier has not been forgotten, at least not in the Fender workshops.

Since the 57 Champ is a low-power guitar amp, the cabinet has been made from solid pine essences, with finger-type joints for an increased rigidity and low weight. This amp is small enough for one player to easily carry it around in the studio or when traveling from venue to venue. If you were thinking about the heavy, bulky, 100W all-tube amps, forget about them: the Fender 57 Champ Custom amp comes with a feather-like (for tube amps, of course), 7.5kg weight, which is more than fair for its 5W output power and 8” AlNiCo Weber speaker.

On the looks side, the new 57 Champ boasts the same connoisseur-approved, lacquered, tweed “clothes” with oxblood grille, a genuine leather strap, a chrome plate with black, vintage, chicken-beak control knobs and the Fender-classic, ruby-red control light. The tube complement consist of one 6V6GT power tube, one 12AX7 preamp and a 5Y3GT rectifier tube, sworn to deliver you the sweet tone from half a century ago. Dual inputs will help you get the best performance with either high-output or vintage guitars. The Fender 57 Champ Custom is already available in most major guitar stores around the planet, $999.99 a pop.

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