The Fattest Man on the Planet: 560 kg (1,244 pounds)!

From Mexico

Guinness World Records is going to register him. Mexican Manuel Uribe had reached 560 kilos (1,244 pounds) weight but has already lost 200 kilos (444 pounds) because of the Zone diet. Uribe wants to also break the record for drastic slimming.

"I'm happy to be included in the Guinness World Records as the fattest man on the planet. I'm also happy that I have managed slimming 200 kg", said Uribe, now aged 42.

He lives in Monterrey (northern Mexico). It is reported that Guinness authorities have informed him that he will be on the 2008 edition of the Records Book and on the 2009 one for the most incredible weight loss in a year (200 kilograms). He celebrated the event, managing to go out of the house aboard a trailer. Guinness offered him for his weight performance a glass plaque.

His photograph is included in the 2008 Guinness Book of Records alongside a description of the treatment he has had and offers of surgery he has received so far.

Uribe has been suffering from obesity for 20 years. At 20 years, he was working in US and weighed 130 kg (289 pounds) at a height of 1.95 m. He looked for medical help in 2006, when he reached 560 kilograms. Uribe appeared then on a TV channel asking to be helped to escape excess weight that kept him captive in the house for almost 20 years.

For the moment, Uribe cannot move by himself and lives immobilized on bed, his mother taking care of him. At 362 kg (800 lbs), Uribe is still morbidly obese but in March 2007 he set a goal: to slim till 120 kg (254 pounds).

Uribe's weight history:

1966 - Birth weight 6lbs (2.7 kg)

1984 - (18) 121 kg (19 stone)

1988 - (22) 128 kg (20 stone)

1995 - (29) 245 kg (39 stone)

1999 - (33) 502 kg (79 stone)

2000 - (34) 552 kg (87 stone)

Previous Diet

Breakfast - 4 eggs, beans, 3-4 tortillas stuffed with cheese and meat, fizzy drinks, coffee, milk

Lunch - Half a chicken, 4 meat and cheese tortillas, salad, fizzy drinks, pasta, bread

Dinner - 3-4 eggs with ham, beans, 3-4 cheese and meat tortillas, bread or pasta, fizzy drinks, coffee, milk

Current Diet

Breakfast - Six eggs without yolk fried in olive oil, onion and tomato, one apple, one grapefruit, water

Lunch - Grilled chicken, grapefruit, apple, sugar-free lemonade, salad, sugar-free jelly, water

Dinner - Peppers stuffed with mince, one apple, grapefruit, salad, water

Snack - 2.5 bars of diet chocolate, water

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