The Facebook Timeline Has Been a Huge Boost for Early Adopter Apps

Facebook is sending a lot of new traffic their way

The Facebook Timeline may have been announced last September, but it wasn't rolled out to everyone until very recently. Also until very recently, there weren't that many apps to make use of the new avenue. In one fell swoop though, Facebook introduced 60 new Timeline apps only a few weeks ago and it seems that people have really taken a liking to them.

"We’re now seeing new content discovery and increases in traffic and engagement happening more broadly for companies of all sizes. For large companies, they've been able to scale and re-introduce their products to new audiences," Facebook boasts.

"For startups with small teams and a small user-base, open graph has driven a lot of discovery and growth, allowing many companies to double the size of their user base in weeks," it said.

One of the biggest winners of the new Timeline apps is Pinterest, which has seen a 60 percent increase in traffic from Facebook since the app debuted. Pinterest, of course, is the talk of the town at this point and is seeing huge growth in traffic and users.

In fact, even Mark Zuckerberg created a profile very recently and, while Pinterest is technically a social network of sorts, it looks like Facebook is more than happy to welcome it. Perhaps it figures that it's best to have it as a friend rather than a competitor.

It's not the only one though, has seen a 50 percent increase in traffic originating from Facebook and the Pose app has seen a five times increase in signups for the web and mobile app.

Foodspotting got a 300 percent increase in visits as well as activities share on Facebook. Likewise, Foodily got a 400 percent increase in new users.

What is clear, at least for now, is that apps are benefiting from the Timeline and the new Open Graph. It remains to be seen whether this proves true further down the line as more apps are introduced.

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