The Facebook Comments Plugin Has a Mobile Version Now, for Better or for Worse

Facebook comments keeps things civilized but also boring

Facebook has unveiled a mobile version of its comments plugin. Now, websites that have embedded Facebook comments can use them with their mobile versions as well. With mobile web usage always on the rise, the ability to join the conversation even if you're on the go is clearly welcomed.

Facebook itself is very focused on the mobile web and is even building an app platform for smartphones.

"Today we're launching the Comments Box plugin for mobile to make it easier for media sites to engage people across the web and mobile devices, and for people to comment on news regardless of where they're reading it," Facebook announced.

"If your website has the Comments Box, the plugin will automatically appear on the mobile web version of your site today," it said.

Facebook Comments solves a couple of real problems, but it is not without its critics. Having the plugin means that users don't have to register to a myriad of sites just to be able to comment, they can simply use their Facebook accounts.

What's more, since Facebook accounts are linked to real names, at least in theory, people will be much more mindful of what they say, keeping the discussion civilized, although, also boring.

Forcing people to use their real names has upsides and downsides. The upside is that their comments will actually be useful or relevant. The downside is that they may hold back and some may not even comment at all, even if they had important things to say, if they can't be anonymous.

Having the comments plugin work on mobile devices doesn't really change anything in that respect. But it does make life easier for websites which use the plugin but also want to cater to their mobile readers and users.

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