The End Is Near: BlackJack vs. BlackBerry

RIM has sued Samsung for copyright infringement.

I don't know a single person that wouldn't get annoyed when and if someone else will steal an idea from him/her. I would be awfully mad if something like that should ever happen to me and even angrier if that someone would take the credit for my idea. These kinds of things happen often and, guess what, even between bigger counterparts.

One such story has just started among two top mobile phone manufacturers: the Research In Motion company we all heard of when they developed and released their famous BlackBerry and, what a surprise :), Samsung, the Koreans that never cease to amaze us with new mobile devices that beat record after record with their slim figures. And let's not forget the reason why RIM has sued Samsung in a Los Angeles US Federal Court for trademark infringement: the name of their Blackberry competitor, the BlackJack.

When I have heard the reason, I could barely stop laughing because at the time I first saw the headline that mentioned the lawsuit between them, I thought this was about Samsung stealing some piece of technology from Research In Motion. But it's not like that :). They seem to think Samsung has named their smartphone with a word beginning with "Black" just to mislead the customers that would come to the cellphone stores with an intention to get themselves a BlackBerry.

How stupid or illiterate one should be to mistaken RIM's Pearl with Sammie's Jack? If the letters in the Jack would have been an anagram of Pearl, I would have had the same suspicions because there are people out there suffering of dyslexia, that can't distinguish between the actual word and the anagram.

But these cases aren't that often so, despite the fact that I'm trying to find RIM a logical excuse for the lawsuit they initiated, there isn't much sense in what they did even if one would actually believe Samsung has named their phone after the RIM's one to get a plus of attention from the public. Let's be serious, if it were to be about attracting the customers, it would be more likely that this would have happened the other way around because last time I checked, Samsung were the ones with the bigger share of the market on their side.

Therefore, I wish RIM a lot of luck so they can get the money they wanted at the settlement and, in the meantime, let us all think about how amusing this is if one ponders for a while over this situation: two mobile phone manufacturers are in a lawsuit and the phones they have developed are on sale on the Cingular wireless network. Doesn't it seem kinda funny? Shouldn't they get along? I don't know about you, but this story about the copyright infringement lawsuit has put a smile on my face.

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