‘The Emergency Bra’ Offers Proper Support and Can Save Your Life

Ukranian scientist Dr. Elena Bodnar has come out with an underwear item that can both offer much needed support and save the wearer’s life in case of an emergency, acting like a genuine facemask.

The “Emergency Bra,” which went on sale this week, is conceived in such a way that, in case of an attack, it can be broken in two and used as a facemask to filter dangerous gases.

As the Daily Mail also points out, while only person gets to enjoy the support it provides underneath the clothes, two people get to benefit from it as a facemask.

According to Dr. Bodnar, she came up with the idea after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, after realizing that many people would have been spared painful complications if they had one of these bras at hand.

On the same note, the bra can be very useful in case of a terrorist attack, but also in case of a sand storm, a fire or a disease outbreak.

“To use the bra-mask, the wearer unsnaps the brassiere from under her shirt, which breaks it in two,” Dr. Bodnar said during a recent conference about her brainchild.

Admittedly, with some good old-fashioned practice, the wearer can actually turn the item from bra to mask in a matter of seconds, says the Mail.

“Because each cup has hooks on its side, the strap is wrapped around the head and hooked to the cup, which goes over the mouth,” the inventor said.

“You have to be prepared all the time, at any place, at any moment, and practically every woman wears a bra,” she added.

Speaking of women, Dr. Bodnar once said that, of the 25 seconds it takes to use the bra, a woman would spend 5 unhooking it and placing it on her face as a mask, with the remaining 20 seconds being used to locate the lucky guy whose life she’s going to save.

The “Emergency Bra” is available in sizes 32B to 40C and costs $30 (£18) to buy.

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