The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Dreugh Creation Details

Ebonheart Pact players will meet them first in the MMO

The ZeniMax Online team working on The Elder Scrolls Online is giving fans of the coming game a chance to take a look at how it has created the dreugh, one of the most powerful new monsters that players will have to face in the MMO.

The creature was previously encountered by fans of the series in single-player Elder Scrolls video games, like Oblivion and the older Morrowind.

In The Elder Scrolls Online, players who choose to become members of the Ebonheart Pact will meet the dreugh in the Stonefalls region of the game world, one of the first true challenges the game has to offer.

The MMO will include two versions of the creature, one land based and another that thrives in coastal waters, and as The Elder Scrolls Online evolves, the areas where the dreugh can be fought might change significantly.

The team has also offered information on the lore behind the creatures, saying, “Mankar Camoran's Mythic Dawn Commentaries makes reference to Dreugh-Kings, but protracted conflict with the Dunmer (who harvest the dreugh for their hides and wax) has caused them to devolve further and further. The dreugh were said to worship a creature known as the Ruddy Man, which is believed to be a manifestation of Molag Bal.”

In order to build the monster, the ZeniMax Online team relies on lore, concept art and previous incarnations from titles in the franchise and then reworks them all in order to have a unique style that fits with the rest of the graphics for the MMO.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be launched on the PC in late 2013 and will allow players to join one of three major factions, encompassing nine races, which are fighting each other and the evil forces of central Tamriel.

Take a look at the way the dreugh was created in the video below:

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