The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Gets More Official Details

Learn much more about the upcoming test phase of the MMORPG

The Elder Scrolls Online beta stage has received a few more details, after Zenimax Online Studios opened up the registration process for the upcoming online role-playing game, including new info about the different requirements of the test phase and what content will be available to players.

The Elder Scrolls Online promises to transform the world of the Elder Scrolls universe into an online experience in which players can carve out their own story and influence historical events in the franchise envisioned by Bethesda.

Plenty of details were shared by developer Zenimax Online Studios over the last few months, but only yesterday did the developer open the sign up process for the game's upcoming beta stage.

Now, the studio has posted a lengthy FAQ about the beta stage and how instrumental it is in the success of the final game.

"The Elder Scrolls Online beta is a crucial part of our development process. During all beta events, we will be collecting feedback from players to help optimize the game and correct any discovered bugs. We will adjust the game as needed based on the feedback received."

All regions of the world are eligible for the test phase, but only three languages will be fully supported.

"We will conduct The Elder Scrolls Online beta events in one of our three supported languages: English, French and German," the studio said.

"The regions eligible for participation in The Elder Scrolls Online beta will change from one beta event to another. We encourage everyone to apply, regardless of location, and we will select participants based on our developers' needs."

Different beta stages will feature different locations and content, as Zenimax aims at letting players explore as much of the continent of Tamriel as possible.

"Both during beta and at launch, The Elder Scrolls Online will feature locations across Tamriel, with some areas reserved for future expansion content. That said, content available in any beta event will vary with each event and will be shared with participants at the start of that specific event."

Last but not least, the studio also confirmed that beta testers would be rewarded for trying out the game, but it hasn't decided just how it's going to do that.

The Elder Scrolls Online beta is set to begin in the weeks and months to come, according to Zenimax.

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