The Earth and Milky Way in Colors You've Never Seen Before in This Beautiful ISS Timelapse Video

It's no wonder astronaut Chris Hadfield spends all his time taking photos

Photos and videos shot from the ISS are great in any shape or form, but like everything else online, they're better when they're a bit more fake, or rather, when they've been processed.

Chris Hadfield's shots, for example, are great, but he doesn't have the time to work on them too much while in space.

Luckily, there are plenty of photographers back here on Earth who have both the time and the skill to take raw photos from space, from the ISS' cameras in this case, work on them and create stunning timelapse videos like the one above.

We've seen quite a few timelapses from the ISS recently, all are spectacular, but this one put together by photographer Brian Tomlinson is absolutely beautiful. The song's not bad either. All the photos come from NASA's Johnson Space Center.

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