The Drunken Photos that Made Peter Andre Break Free of Katie Price

Pics that led to divorce decision emerge

Yesterday, former pop star Peter Andre announced that he had come to the decision of divorcing wife of four years Katie Price, once known as glamour model Jordan. She, in turn, issued a statement saying she was “devastated” by the decision, since she had married Peter “for life.” Today, the pictures that reportedly forced Peter to make the final step have emerged, The Sun informs.

Reports about the cracks in the Andre-Price marriage have been making the rounds for months, but, until the other day, they were not too visible. One reason for Peter Andre’s decision to put an end to the so-called farce of their marriage was believed to be Katie’s heavy partying ways, as well as her inability to keep herself in check once she’s had one too many drinks. Pictures showing exactly what Peter found most disturbing about Price on a night out with her friends have just emerged.

In all fairness, they do not paint a pretty picture of the mother of three who is also arguably one of Britain’s most shrewd businesswomen. Katie can be seen slumping on tables, trying to dance on tables and getting up close and personal with a mystery man. Presumably, Peter got a hold of these pictures and concluded that she was cheating on him with men she picked up in bars and clubs, which may or may not be true, since the man pictured here claims he’s already in a stable relationship with a male partner.

It was not only the pictures that got Peter Andre so mad, though, reports say, since Katie was also acting completely out of control on the night in question. “Clubbers who were at Syndicate said there was no sign of the looming rift as Jordan looked ‘like she didn’t have a care in the world.’ One reveler said: ‘She had her wedding ring on but she just kept asking for more drink. She kept shouting, ‘I love Bristol!’ – she wanted to be noticed.’ Jordan spent half an hour cuddling a man in a check shirt and whispering in his ear, but left without him.” The Sun writes.

Whichever may have been the reason for the separation, the bottom line is that it’s happening and it will also probably be a bitter one. Katie Price and Peter Andre have an estimated joint fortune of £30 million and a prenuptial contract that stipulates she walks out of the marriage with her possessions intact, but that still leaves the question of the custody of the children to be settled in court.

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