The Dramatic Fall of the Windows Operating System

Report claims that Windows is slowly losing ground in the OS market

There’s no doubt that Windows remains the dominant OS in the desktop market, but there are signs that Microsoft is slowly losing ground, as competition from Android, iOS, and Linux is getting fiercer.

There was a time when Windows was clearly the top choice for all users out there, but with the market moving to mobile computing, including tablets and smartphones, Windows and its PC ecosystem need to cope with declining shares every single month.

A report by Business Insider shows that personal computers are no longer appealing for users around the world, and while sales of this particular industry segment have stagnated, tablets and smartphones have skyrocketed.

As a result, Windows is losing quite a lot of users, as they move to platforms powered by Android or iOS.

At this point, Android has more users than Windows when it comes to the global computing platform market share, BI claims, even though Microsoft launched a refreshed version of its OS in October 2012 and is getting ready to launch a major update in just a few months.

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The PC industry not only stagnates, but it also loses lots of users as they move to mobile devices. That’s probably the reason why Microsoft is struggling so much to put the focus on tablets and smartphones, with Windows at the core of everything.

Figures provided by market researcher Net Applications put Windows on the first place in the desktop OS market, with a share of 91.51 percent in June 2013. Mac OS X comes second with 7.20 percent, followed by Linux with 1.28 percent.

Steve Ballmer’s vision brings Microsoft closer to a devices and services concept supposed to allow his company to expand more in the hardware industry and bring more tablets and smartphones running Windows to the market.

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At the same time, the Redmond-based tech giant is also looking into ways to innovate as much as possible, so a smartwatch running the same Windows operating system is also said to be in the works right now.

Of course, Microsoft doesn’t want to talk on its future plans, but one thing is for sure. Windows is losing ground and the company needs to deliver exactly the products its users need as soon as possible.

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