The Dog Who Wouldn't Die Returns Home After Surgery - Video

Buck has partially recovered from eye surgery, after having beet shot twice in the eye

The “Dog who wouldn't die” that prompted a debate on animal cruelty is finally returning home, reports say.

Buck is head it back to his new owner after extensive surgery, and, although he is still in pain and has not recovered his vision, he is improving.

Eye surgery was complicated for Buck, as 2 bullets entered his left eye, according to the vet that treated him. Nonetheless, he appears full of life.

Buck received the “Dog who wouldn’t die” nickname after he was shot to the head and face multiple times, and was left for dead, chained to a fence.

When I reported about Buck before, I mentioned he owes his recovery to Tami Augustyn, of Conroe, Texas.

She not only cared for him, but set up a Facebook account to help raise money for his emergency surgical procedures. The “Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries” page has already garnered over 46,000 likes.

“Buck is sleeping comfortably now. It is raining here and good sleeping weather. He’s been through alot this past 7 days and he deserves the rest to help him continue to heal," she wrote on Facebook when he was released, according to the Inquisitr.

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