The Document Foundation Reveals Its LibreOffice Certified Developers

A lot of companies are participating in the development of LibreOffice

The Document Foundation has just announced the first group of LibreOffice Certified Developers, a group of people who are known for their skill and ability to hack LibreOffice code to develop new features or provide L3 support to enterprise users.

There are quite a few certified developers, as pointed out by The Linux Foundation. From Red Hat, there is Caolan McNamara, David Tardon, Eike Rathk, Michael Stahl, and Stephan Bergmann.

SUSE also provides quite a few people, such as Cedric Bosdonnat, Fridrich Strba, Jan Holesovsky, Kohei Yoshida, Lubos Lunak, Michael Meeks, Petr Mladek, Thorsten Behrens, Timár András, and Tor Lillqvist.

There are also volunteers, like Christian Lohmaier, Lionel Elie Mamane, Markus Mohrhard, and Rene Engelhard. Canonical only has one man, Bjoern Michaelsen.

According to The Linux Foundation, certification is a milestone for building LibreOffice ecosystem, and increases the number of organizations capable of adding value to the best free office suite ever, and, hopefully, help spread the adoption over proprietary and open source office suites.

As we reported a while back, LibreOffice is getting adopted by a large number of local authorities, all over the world.

“After the City of Munich and the French Government, which are migrating from to LibreOffice, it is now the turn of several provinces in Italy, including the largest one in term of inhabitants,” stated The Linux Foundation in a press release.

Now, certified developers can help extend the reach of the community to the corporate world, and to provide CIOs and IT managers a professional recognition in line with corporate requests for added value development and support services.

The Document Foundation will soon extend certification to Migration Professionals and Training Professionals, starting from early 2013.

If you are interested in the LibreOffice Certification Program, you should check out the official Linux Foundation website.

In the meantime, download LibreOffice 3.6.3 right now from Softpedia.

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