The Doctor's TARDIS Is Up for Sale at Last, It's a PC

One can only hope that the case will become a standalone product at some point

The fabled blue police Box from long-running series Doctor Who is just a pop culture myth, but that hasn’t stopped a certain British retailer from launching a computer that looks just like it.

In the future, perhaps there will be an actual TARDIS for sale, at least one without the time-traveling and space-expansion capabilities.

Even if it does happen though, the TARDIS won't look like a blue police box. Those things will go out of use sooner, most likely.

Scan isn't concerned though. It has put together a computer called, understandably enough, the TARDIS system.

The case is made of anodized aluminum and is a faithful rendition of the original concept, though at a much smaller scale.

Inside we can find a mini-ITX motherboard from Gigabyte, the GA-H61N-USB3, running the Intel Pentium G2120 dual-core central processing unit (3M cache, 3.1 GHz clock speed).

8 GB of RAM back up the CPU (DDR3 random access memory) while a hard disk drive provides 500 GB of storage space (2.5-inch unit).

Onboard Intel graphics are present and accounted for as well, as is a power supply with an output of 300W.

Overall, the mini PC isn't all that special really. The only reason it costs £937,19 ($1,511 / 1,161 Euro) is because of, as we said, the case.

The blue police box enclosure isn't available anywhere else, and Doctor Who fans can only hope that this will change, or that will, at least, consider selling it on its own at some point.

That said, £937,19 is only the starting price. Should customers select a faster CPU, graphics cards, more RAM and even an SSD, the sum will go up by quite a bit.

Three versions of the TARDIS have been posted so far, as part of a partnership between the retailer and the BCC.

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