The Differences Between GTA V’s Characters Make the Game Fun

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin will have a variety of adventures

Grand Theft Auto V’s Co-writer and Rockstar Games Co-founder, Dan Houser, believes that the three main characters and the major differences between them will make the game quite fun.

GTA V introduces a variety of new things, from a huge open world to a complex story that has not one but three main protagonists.

We’ve already got to learn some details about the characters – Michael, Trevor, and Franklin – and we’ve even seen them in action thanks to a new gameplay video.

Now, Rockstar’s Dan Houser has described the protagonists to Japanese magazine Famitsu, via Polygon, revealing some fresh details.

“Michael is a serious guy who does his work well, the sort of man who can do good things if he feels like it,” Houser said.

“Trevor is totally crazy, but at least he's not a hypocrite or anything. I think each of the three characters can be described as being masters at greed, ambition, and insanity respectively. When a GTA hero becomes a criminal, he starts to get deeply moved by these three emotions.”

The differences between the aforementioned Michael and Trevor, as well as their juxtaposition with the much younger Franklin, will guarantee lots of funny situations, Houser emphasized.

“Michael was who we came up first, the sort of guy who'd be a middle-aged retired GTA hero. He's got money, he's got a wife, but he's bored. Franklin is a young man with a lot of hope, which I think makes for a nice contract. Trevor is jut bipolar; he's smart but he's got personality problems, which makes juxtaposing him against Michael pretty funny too,” the writer said.

GTA V is looking to be one of the most ambitious games of 2013 and, as we’ve seen from the recent video, it’s quite funny, so let’s hope Rockstar will be able to deliver on its promises.

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