The “Devil” Crashes Remembrance Day Celebrations Wearing a Pink Corset

Hooded Jose Paulo Da Silveria crashed the parade on his skateboard, wearing horns

Jose Paulo Da Silveria has been identified as the man disturbing the Bristol Remembrance Day parade, in the UK, on Sunday, November 11.

The pink-panties, corset wearing, hooded “devil” showed up on his skateboard during the celebration for ex-military officers who lost their lives while on duty.

Law enforcement officials were not amused by Jose Paulo Da Silveria's practical joke, nor were the participants at the gathering.

“Death’s too good for you,” one man shouted at the “Devil,” as others swore at him and approached him, in a violent manner.

38-year-old Jose Paulo was taken into custody on the spot, and stands to be tried for his actions.

“Police arrested a 38-year-old man at the Remembrance Sunday service in Bristol city center.

“He was taken into custody.

“Jose Paulo Da Silveria has been charged under the Public Order Act and will appear at Bristol Magistrates’ Court on December 4,” the spokesperson for the Avon and Somerset Police says, as relayed by the Daily Mail.

Witnesses were torn between watching the scene, completely blown away, and stepping up in an effort to catch Da Silveria and manifest their anger towards him.

“He came down on a skateboard and was wearing a pink outfit and a mask with horns,” one participant at the commemoration says.

“The police dragged him through the crowd and tried to rip his mask off.

“He put up a lot of resistance and they had to use quite some force to restrain him. People were shouting ‘rip his head off’,” 68-year-old Ray Turton explains, describing the remarkable scene.

Hundreds of supporters came to Bristol this year for the Remembrance parade, and other thousands watched the event at home. The commemoration echoed on Twitter, where many brits abstained from posting and commenting for two minutes, prompted by the widely spread #2minutesilence hashtag.

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