“The Dark Knight Rises” Behind the Scenes Blu-Ray Extras Leak

Video shows how the biggest sets were made, concept art also emerges

As a Batman fan but particularly as a fan of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, you must be on the edge of your seat at the mere thought that the Blu-Ray release of “The Dark Knight Rises” is coming. Luckily, we have some details on the goodies included on it.

A behind the scenes video showing how the biggest sets in the film were made has leaked online. You can see it below, just to get an idea of the kind of awesomeness Nolan will pack in the Blu-Ray release.

At the same time, concept art from the film has also leaked. One such image is available above, showing Batman (Christian Bale) and Bane (Tom Hardy) before their epic fight in the sewers, when you know who has his back broken.

On the same note, the Oscar campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises” has begun. While you’re waiting for the Blu-Ray release and you’re keeping your fingers crossed for Nolan to finally get the recognition he deserves, enjoy all the (leaked) awesomeness.

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