The Cure for Arthritis: Fish Oil and Aspirin

The combination can allegedly also tackle heart diseases, cancer and Alzheimer’s

A team of US researchers now claim that, according to their investigations, combining fish oil and aspirin can potentially lead to a cure for arthritis. Furthermore, they maintain that this treatment stands to also help those prone to developing cancer or Alzheimer’s.

The specialists explain that said medical conditions, together with several other similar ones, can be caused by inflammatory responses in the cells and tissues that make up an individual's organism.

Thus, when such inflammations switch from being just temporary to being chronic, the heart, the brain and several other organs are likely to experience damages.

Therefore, by dealing with these inflammations, doctors can improve on the overall wellbeing of their patients.

According to Zimbio, said combination of low-dose aspirin and fish oil has the potential not only to push a leash on these inflammations and help reduce them, but also control the individual's overactive immune responses and help prevent health problems that tend to affect one's quality of life on the longer run.

By the looks of it, aspirin and fish oil must be taken simultaneously because the first compels one's body to produce molecules known to science as resolvins, which are made from processed omega-3 fatty acids and which are the ones responsible for combating inflammations.

Of such resolvins, one in particular, i.e. the D3, was found to be a tad more efficient than the others in terms of tackling the body's inflammatory responses.

“Aspirin is able to modify an inflammatory enzyme to stop forming molecules that promote inflammation and instead produce molecules from omega-3 fatty acids, like resolvin D3, that help inflammation to end,” argued Dr. Nicos Petasis, currently working with the University of Southern California.

“In this report, we found that one resolvin, termed D3 and from omega-3 fatty acid, persists longer at sites of inflammation than either resolvin D1 or resolvin D2 in the nat­ural resolution of inflammation in mice. This finding suggests that this late resolution phase resolvin D3 might display unique properties in fighting uncontrolled inflammation,” this specialist went on to add.

Unfortunately, those allergic to aspirin cannot benefit from these findings.

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