The Crew Has Wide Variety of Cars, Allows Complex Customization and Tuning

Players will be able to drive all sorts of vehicles and personalize them in many ways

The Crew, the next-gen racing game from Ubisoft, will have a huge variety of cars, the widest in any racing game ever, according to developer Ivory Tower, and there are complex customization and tuning mechanics.

One of the most intriguing games presented by Ubisoft at E3 2013 last month was The Crew, a new sort of online racing game that allows players to control all kinds of cars and drive them throughout the United States, while participating in different events either solo, with their friends, or with their rivals.

The game is shaping up to be pretty impressive and, in order to share more details about the actual gameplay and features, The Crew's Community Developer, Soufyane Brahimi, posted on the UbiBlog a few new details.

First up, it seems that The Crew emphasizes variety in terms of cars, as developer Ivory Tower is adamant that it will have the widest selection of cars ever seen in a driving game.

"We will unveil more information about our car line-up later, but what we can say for the moment is that The Crew will offer the widest variety of car types ever seen in a driving game. That means each gamer can find a vehicle for his taste, and can pick up the appropriate vehicle for the next challenge he’s up to. Also, The Crew offers a unique take on customization: each player can tune his car and make it unique, so he really owns it."

Speaking of customization, the game will have a complex tuning system that lets players tinker with all sorts of aspects, from exterior design to interior mechanics.

"There will be a wide range of features for the customization of your car! These include: 200 unique stickers (along with the option to design your own), 500 colors, liveries, rims, front and rear bumpers, skirts, rear wings, motor hoods, front and rear fenders, front and rear lights, and side mirrors. Basically, you can take the same vehicle from asphalt to off-road…and anywhere in between."

The Crew is set to appear early next year for the PC, as well as for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next-gen consoles.

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