“The Canyons” Gets New Trailer – And a Truckload of Bad Acting

If this is Lindsay Lohan’s big acting comeback, many will undoubtedly skip it

It’s been years since Lindsay Lohan has been in anything (in a movie, that is), so perhaps her extended break has done away with whatever talent she ever had. Her brand new trailer for “The Canyons” surely seems to indicate that.

Promising a look at LA like no other before, the film comes from Paul Schrader and Bret Easton Ellis who, at the very least, know they don’t have much to work on.

The first trailer was in the ‘70s exploitation style, while the new one (above) mimics the looks and feel of ‘50s silent movies. It’s still painful to watch though.

No one knows exactly the direction the movie will take but one thing is certain: it will tell the story of one woman (Lohan) caught between two men, one more abusive than the other, from what I can make out.

“The Canyons” will be out sometime next summer, but you’d best not hold your breath for this one in theaters all around the world.

When an adult movie star (James Deen) acts better than your leading lady (Lohan), you’ve got yourself the perfect little flick for a straight to DVD release. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

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