The Camera Settings Chris Hadfield Uses for All Those Wonderful Space Photos

Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how he's able to get all those great shots

It was worth putting astronaut Chris Hadfield in space just for all the wonderful photos he's been putting out.

Of course, any photo shot from space is going to be magical, but a bit of skill and experience goes a long way.

In the latest of his many videos, Hadfield provides a short tutorial on how to get the best shots from space, you know, for the next time you're in low Earth orbit.

The unique environment can make it tricky for the camera to automatically pick the best settings, so manual adjusting is best.

That said, the simplest method works best apparently, the "sunny 16 rule" applies in space as well.

On a bright sunny day, which it always is in space, an aperture of f/16 along with an ISO of 200 or above, meaning a shutter speed of 1/200 or smaller.

Other than that, you just have to wait for the perfect shot to come into view, which if you have six months aboard the ISS, you can afford to.

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