The Bonsai Promises to Bring a Shaving Revolution – Video

Were it to hit the markets, the Bonsai would help save tremendous amounts of water

Whether they like it or not, the fact remains that most men and women shave on a regular basis. More often than not, this negatively impacts on the environment, simply because tremendous amounts of water get wasted in the process.

However, an innovative new gadget promises to foster a shaving revolution, provided, of course, that its makers manage to raise the money they need in order to begin marketing their product.

The working principles behind the Bonsai are fairly simple and easy to comprehend.

Rather than allowing water to run for the sole purpose of cleaning one's razor, it is far better to use this gadget and get rid of all the hairs in a matter of seconds with the help of just a few ounces of water.

Those wishing to contribute and help jump-start the promised shaving revolution need only visit

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