‘The Body’ at 45: Elle Macpherson’s Diet and Workout

Model knows all the secrets to looking gorgeous and staying healthy

Elle Macpherson made a name for herself in the fashion industry as “The Body,” the one model who had everything, from the perfect features to the perfect size. At 45 – which, as it’s a known fact, is close to “ancient” in modeling years – Macpherson can still proudly continue to call herself “The Body,” since she not only looks 20 years younger, but also better than most of the models we see today. According to How Celebrities Lose Weight, this happens because Elle has found the perfect diet & workout routine and she’s sticking to it.

As she also revealed in plenty of interviews throughout her career, Macpherson swears by fish oil to keep the weight off and make sure that, when a couple of pounds do add on, they steer clear of the waist, tummy and hip area. Of course, this is not all that it takes to look so stunning, no matter the age.

In Elle’s case, her personal trainer says, it’s a healthy combination of working out, dieting and eliminating things that can potentially have a negative effect on her health. Since the model does not want to be skinny, but rather to maintain her figure as it is right now, the focus is on staying healthy – and, Elle once said, with health comes beauty.

According to HCLW, Elle is constantly on the move, even when she’s not sweating at the gym. Whether she’s biking with her kids or surfing in home country Australia, she always makes sure to keep herself busy, while also seeing that her workout routine is varied and constantly changing, in order to get the best results. To achieve balance on a mental level as well, the model also meditates, a practice she says helps her stay focused and prioritize her life.

However, what Elle does differently than other models is her approach to dieting. As fans must know, this is one supermodel that was never stick-thin and who always had curves, which is why she probably became known as “The Body.” A little weight was far from a tragedy, Macpherson once said. Nutritionist Carina Norris told HCLW that it was actually recommended.

“If you yo-yo diet or starve yourself, your metabolism suffers greatly. It catches up with you in later life and you’ll find it harder to keep a steady weight. It’s far better to eat well and move around a bit instead of messing with your metabolism.” Norris is quoted as saying.

Also part of Elle’s healthy approach to life, the model has cut out all her past bad habits, including cigarettes and alcohol. “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I don’t take drugs – not even aspirin. But that wasn’t always the case. I was a normal kind of Australian chick – excessive. I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, so giving that up was definitely the most challenging thing for me.” Macpherson added.

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