“The Big Bang Theory” Kiss Everyone Was Waiting for Is Here: Sheldon and Amy Lock Lips

“The Locomotive Manipulation” episode finally sees the two share a special moment

If this feels like Valentine’s Day comes early to you, that’s because it is. Sheldon Cooper finally shared his first kiss – on the lips! – with girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler on the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory.”

You can see the smooch and how Sheldon came to do it in the video above. I’m sure that, if you’re a true fan, you’re squealing in delight right now – and you absolutely have every reason to, because the moment was truly heart-warming.

This is the couple’s most intimate moment since the spanking episode last year, which, though Amy liked it, was viewed as corporeal punishment by Sheldon.

Perhaps more important than the fact that he was the one who initiated the kiss is that he also continued it and even grabbed Amy by the waist to draw her closer to him. For a guy who once abhorred all kind of human contact, that’s a huge leap.

It’s also grounds for fans to speculate that writers will finally give Sheldon and Amy a night to consummate their love, hopefully soon.

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