“The Bible” Series Premieres on History Channel to Solid Ratings

Docu-series attracts viewers but leaves them confused

One of the most hyped television projects in recent months has been “The Bible,” coming from producer Mark Burnett, he of the The Voice, Survivor and Shark Tank fame. It premiered last night on The History Channel.

Below is a trailer for the docu-series, which has 5 parts based on the Old and New Testament.

Though the first part of “The Bible” had almost record ratings for The History Channel, reactions to it online are mixed at most.

“The Beginnings,” the first 2-hour episode, featured “ninja angels” and many other special effects-heavy imagery that simply didn’t sit well with many viewers at home, as their comments online seem to indicate.

Others did not see this as disrespectful to the faith, writing that it was just the thing to get them interested in the Bible.

Did you catch the premiere of “The Bible”? What did you think of it, will you be tuning in for it again?

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