The Best Three Linux Games of 2012

This has been the best gaming year in history for Linux

The year of 2012 is almost over and the number of games released has grown slowly, but exponentially. Here are the best games released for the Linux platform, so far.

Before Valve became interested in Linux and before any other major developer took an interest in the Linux platform, the developers of Bastion, Supergiant Games, decided that they should port their game.

It was released with Humble Bundle V and made quite an impact, showing that major games can sell really well on a free open source platform.

In Bastion, the player takes the role of a character called “The Kid” who has to find the reason his world is falling apart. It features a unique live narrating system and a beautiful crafted environment that has no rival in other RPG games. You can also check out Softpedia's review of Bastion.

The second game we'd like to mention is Oil Rush, a tower defense real time strategy built by Unigine Corp with the Unigine engine. It's the same company that also builds the famous Heaven DX11 benchmark.

The game has one of the most advanced graphic engines on the Linux platform and it sells at a great price. It has a nice story, but the gameplay follows a modified tower defense recipe that cannot be found in any other game.

The action in Oil Rush takes place sometime in the future, but it's not clear whether it’s an alternative timeline or our future. Mankind has barely survived after a nuclear war that hastened climate changes.

The player assumes the role of Kevin, a young graduate from a military academy, who strives to follow in his father's footsteps. He starts by protecting the colonies against raider attacks and the story develops on these lines. Check out our full review of Oil Rush.

The last game in this short and elitist collection is Faster Than Light. This is a game that managed to create its own genre and to influence the future of Kickstarter projects.

Faster Than Light is the first game to receive its funding with the help of Kickstarter and has been met with critical acclaim after launch. You can check out a complete review of Faster Than Light on Softpedia.

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