The Best Colors for Redheads I

A little color guide for the ladies with fiery, copper or auburn hair

Natural redheads - whether we're talking auburn, deep red and copper or light auburn and even red-tinted strawberry blond - usually have a lifetime experience (and their fair share of hit-and-miss situations) to draw on when it comes to selecting the right colors for their clothes. However, if you've just recently dissed your old hair color and opted for a red 'do, you may not be familiar yet with what complements your new, fiery locks. Here are some basic tips concerning what to go for and what to avoid in order to make the most of your new hair color.

One thing that you should keep in mind at all times is that your hair is not the only important factor when it comes to selecting your clothes: your complexion is equally important. If you are a natural redhead or if you decided to try a deep red, copper or auburn hair color, you should have light skin tones - your complexion is probably closer to ivory with golden undertones, with green or hazel eyes. Rule number one is that black is not your best friend, as it makes your face look sallow and makes you look older.

Don't wear black close to your face: choose tops and accessories in natural, earth tones such as dark and olive greens, beiges, browns, golds, camel and even orange reds. Black is OK to wear on skirts and trousers. If you have a black jacket that you like, don't worry: you can always brighten it up with a shawl in the colors mentioned above. Purple, bright red, navy and pink are also on the no-no list and should probably be avoided. There is in fact a whole debate going on between stylists as to whether the clash between red hair and colors such as pink or purple is fashionable or tacky. Pale pink, for example, may suit dark redheads but looks edgy and "loud" on women with a more copper-colored 'do.

In the end, it's a matter of each and every woman's taste - but as an overall piece of advice, avoid such colors unless you're looking to make sure every eye is on you at a party or on an evening out with your friends. If you do want to wear pink, for example, make sure you go for a more intense or darker shade of pink for the bottom half and a lighter shade for your top. Pink accessories are not a good idea. And remember the golden rule: if in doubt, don't wear it.

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