The Best Benchmarking Platform: Phoronix Test Suite

Linux-based testing platform for software and hardware validation!

The Phoronix Media team proudly announced, in a press release, the latest and stable version of their Phoronix Test Suite, the best Linux-based benchmarking and testing platform for software and hardware validation. "With over 50 test profiles and 23 test suites, the Phoronix Test Suite offers unparalleled benchmarking for the Linux OS and can effectively gauge a computer's performance from video gaming to file encryption to audio-video encoding tasks."

Highlights of Phoronix Test Suite 1.0.0:

■ 23 test suites;

■ 57 test profiles;

■ Installed software and hardware components are automatically detected;

■ All tests are written in a standardized and documented XML-based specification;

■ Multiple test support;

■ Tests can be automatically installed;

■ Batch testing support;

■ Unified system (thermal, voltage, fan speed) monitoring while tests are running;

■ Automatic control of screensaver and power management;

■ Test results can be compared side-by-side;

■ Test results have integrated visual graphing support;

■ Online results repository via PTS Global;

■ The test profiles are directly compatible with many Linux distributions and architectures.

"The overall flexibility and usability of the Phoronix Test Suite makes it easy to create complex testing configurations and still have the results presented in a readable and understandable fashion", said Andrew Schofield, Phoronix Test Suite developer.

Download the Phoronix Test Suite right now from Softpedia.

Also, there is a Phoronix Test Suite Live CD that can be downloaded from Softpedia.

Read more about the Phoronix Test Suite in the official press release!

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