"The Bad Girls Club 3G" Makes Sexy Mobile Game

Bad Girls take over mobile phones

One of the highest-rated reality TV shows on the Oxigen network will take the shape of a mobile game from now on. "The Bad Girls Club 3G" will gather the favorite characters from the broadcast.

Some people just can't have enough of their favorite TV stars. They would want to see them anytime, anywhere. Sounds like just the right thing to put into a mobile phone, in one way or another. "The Bad Girls Club 3G" will rely mostly on 3G performances of the handsets that it will be used on.

Players will have to take the role of a new member of "The Bad Girls Club" and must follow the same agenda as the other girls in the house. The overall goal is that of winning fame and notoriety in the tabloid world. In order to do this, girls must engage in scandalous actions and make their way to the front cover of the Tabloid.

The game is aimed at women who fancy trying out a conduct similar to that of the other women that are living in the Bad Girls house. "This game presents the perfect opportunity to take our most popular television series to a new level by creating a mobile game that is on brand with the show and also connects with our young, tech-savvy female audience. This is only the beginning for Oxygen in the gaming arena", said Oxygen senior vice president Cynthia Ashworth.

"The Bad Girls Club 3G" is the first 3G mobile game for Oxigen Media to develop. It will be released towards the end of August, this year and it will be available for the initial price of USD 4. It will be compatible with most mobile phones. Producers promise that several other 2G games based on the TV show will be launched in the future.

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