The Bachelor Season Finale Leaks Online: Whom Did Juan Pablo Choose?

Report spills all the beans on the entire season of popular reality series

The brand new season of The Bachelor has just debuted and, while regular folks at home might be wondering or making bets on whom the gorgeous Juan Pablo will eventually end up with, there’s one report that includes major spoilers from all episodes – including the much anticipated finale.

One thing’s for sure, ABC must not be pleased. has all the details on how this season of The Bachelor will play out, including on the girl who will eventually get the final rose from Juan Pablo, and many moments faked by producers for an extra touch of drama.

He also reports that four of the girls on the show are now dating other men, and they may have also been doing so at the time they were recruited to appear in it.

The final rose ceremony will take place at the Cap Maison Hotel and will be a major surprise for diehard fans of the series. But more on that later, here are just some of the revelations made by Reality Steve.

“- Every girl that got a 1-on-1 date this season got a rose. JP never sent anyone home on a 1-on-1

- For I think the first time ever, there is no 2-on-1 date this season

- Zak W. makes an appearance this season to talk to Juan Pablo. Just not sure which episode it happens in, but it’s definitely before they start traveling

- Clare is the only person in JP’s final four to get a 1-on-1 date before episode 5

- There are four girls that are either eliminated, or eliminate themselves, before rose ceremonies

- Four of Juan Pablo’s girls are currently in, or were in, relationships since they’ve returned from filming. And if I know about three of them, that means I can pretty much guarantee you there are others.”

As for the lady who wins Juan Pablo’s heart in the season finale, which is always the most watched episode of the series with each new season, the final choice is between Clare and Nikki. The bomb is that Juan Pablo will choose Nikki but he will not propose to her.

Reality Steve doesn’t say why. However, if you want the entire scoop on the current season of the series, you should totally check out his website.

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