The BBC Debuts Online Music Service Playlister with Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube

The BBC will act as a curator while third-parties supply the music

The BBC has unveiled plans for an ambitious online music service dubbed Playlister. Online music services are a dime a dozen these days, but Playlister is different in a number of ways and has a chance to be something actually interesting. The service will allow users to discover and keep track of all music they hear on the BBC channels, on the radio, TV, or even online.

They can create personal playlists of the favorite tracks they hear or check out some of the ready-made playlists for the BBC's DJs and presenters. In this respect, the BBC has an enviable position.

"Whether it’s tracks from Lauren Laverne’s Radio 6 Music show, that song playing in the café in EastEnders, or the tune that Anton Du Beke and Fiona Fullerton are dancing to on Strictly Come Dancing, Playlister helps audiences discover and remember more of the music they love from the BBC," the broadcaster explained.

But Playlister will be more than just a music organizer; users will also be able to listen to all the tracks in full on their favorite streaming service. For now, Playlister works with Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube. But the BBC says other services will be added in the future.

Playlister is also available internationally. Normally, music streaming services are slow to roll out to new territories, because of licensing issues. But the BBC doesn't actually need to license anything for Playlister, as all the music is handled by third-party services.

So, in essence, while Playlister will be available to all, whether you can use it or not depends on what services you get in your country. Deezer is available in much of the world these days, YouTube works pretty much everywhere as well.

"The first stage of BBC Playlister will launch in the coming days on PC and via a mobile browser, letting you remember tracks, and export and listen to them on your chosen digital music service. Music lovers will be able to quickly and easily export their playlist from the BBC to either Spotify, YouTube or Deezer and listen back to tracks in full," the BBC announced.

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