The 60-Second Microsoft Roundup: Windows Blue, Surface Pro and More

This is what happened in the Redmond campus this week

With the Surface with Windows 8 Pro prepared for launch, all eyes have been on Microsoft’s new device, as it has often been deemed as the perfect mix between a laptop and a tablet.

On Monday for example, the Surface Pro official made it to Microsoft Stores, allowing those interested to simply pay a visit to the official stores and get the tablet for a spin.

A few hours later, a Microsoft executive poked fun at Google+, while the Redmond-based technology giant decided to close the Times Square store.

Microsoft revealed on Tuesday that people were finally getting used to Windows 8, while a company official explained in an interview that nobody in the Redmond campus was actually concerned about the new operating system’s sales performance.

The software giant revealed during the same day that almost everyone found the desktop in the first day with Windows 8, while more rumors regarding a 7-inch Windows 8 tablet reached our ears (and eyes).

Wednesday was picked by Microsoft as the right moment to release some custom skins for the Surface RT, but also to file several anti-piracy lawsuits against some Ukrainian companies.

After a long AMA session on Reddit, the Surface team revealed on Thursday that the Surface Pro wouldn’t be restricted to Windows 8, so it might also be able to run Ubuntu and other operating systems.

Microsoft launched a new attack on Google just a few hours later, while several companies admitted that they were worried about Windows XP’s death.

Microsoft officially canceled the Surface Pro launch in NYC due to heavy snow on Friday, while news regarding several Windows Blue updates emerged in the morning. Microsoft announced that it would fix a total of 57 bugs on Patch Tuesday, while the SkyDrive team revealed that more than 1 billion documents were now saved on the cloud-based storage platform.

Finally, Microsoft rolled out the Surface with Windows 8 Pro on Saturday, while also announcing a launch party for those living in Las Vegas. Windows Vista turned six, while a former employee claimed that Microsoft might actually become a killer for the PC industry with so many Surface tablets.

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