The 60-Second Microsoft Roundup: Windows 8 Live, Surface Sold Out and More

Here’s what happened in the Redmond campus this week

It’s been a busy week for Microsoft and the reason is only one: Windows 8. Microsoft officially unveiled the new operating system and all eyes were on Steve Ballmer, as everybody expected to see him dancing once again in front of a pretty huge crowd.

The week started with Microsoft unveiling Skype for Windows 8, an application that’s now available in Windows Store as a free download. Some new ads promoting Windows 8 were released in Germany, while Microsoft rolled out the Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 download links.

On Tuesday, Microsoft kicked off the global Windows 8 celebration parties with a short event in China, as the company wants to encourage Chinese users to buy genuine copies of its software. Google rolled out its very own Windows 8 search app a few hours later, while Microsoft decided to remove the IE 10 for Windows 7 download links it rolled out on Monday.

The Windows 8-inspired MSN website saw daylight on Wednesday, the same day when Microsoft was officially charged because it failed to provide European users with a browser choice screen. In addition, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 would be released in China as download only, while Skype 6.0 was officially unveiled for all Windows users.

Microsoft officially presented the new Windows 8 on Thursday, while the Surface keynote took place a few hours later. Windows XP turned eleven during the same day, while Skype for Windows 8 was finally released to end users.

On Friday, Microsoft started selling both the Surface tablet and Windows 8, while Ballmer finally confirmed that Windows 8 won’t get a Start button and people must get used to the Start Screen.

If you wish to read our full coverage on the Windows 8 launch, you can click here, while some very interesting highlights from the Surface keynote are available here.

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